Memory Tastes the Best when Cherished.


Kampar Noodle, a kind of noodle that allows customers to actually pick their ingredients and side dishes to be paired with the noodle in soup, is definitely a recognisable cuisine for any Kamparians. The liberty to choose what to have in your own bowl, including the types of noodles and also tastes of soup, gives a different taste on every serving. Stuffed ingredients like tofu, chili, lady’s finger, bitter gourd or brinjal are all recommended pairs. For those who don’t take the greens, there are fried pork balls, fish balls or tofu skins to sink your teeth in.


The owner of Da Xi Kopitiam has proudly brought the authentic taste of the said noodles all the way from Kampar to Klang Valley. The crispy fried meatballs and fried tofu skin are all handmade by the store on a daily basis. Such freshness in the preparation of the ingredients guarantees the authenticity of the taste acquired by their valued customers.


Besides authenticity, Da Xi Kopitiam also features a Nasi Lemak with Roasted Pork! You won’t see something like this everywhere; the fusion of sambal on Roasted Pork, paired with a golden half-boiled egg, they definitely spice up the traditional Nasi Lemak by a notch.


Looking for the authentic taste of Kampar Noodle, or the special Roasted Pork Nasi Lemak? Da Xi Kopitiam is your choice!


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