A New Choice for a Breakfast.


Operating for more than 4 years, Morming Kitchen ‘s taiwanese egg crepe has been receiving highly acclaimed critics and reviews from the customers across the state. The owner has brought back the authentic taste and fond memories based on the time they had been studying abroad in Taiwan. These special dishes are definitely a worthy new addition to the breakfast choices of fellow Malaysians.


Every ounce of the crepe is being masterfully handcrafted by the owners themselves, from beating the flour into batter, shaping on the sizzling hot pan, to flipping both sides to perfectly toasted, golden-brown. Every delicate step is being conducted with utmost care and thus creating such a high quality and uniformed crepe. The highly welcomed and definitely recommended ingredients within the crepe are none other than bacon cheese, or, if you prefer something lighter, a seaweed egg crepe. These would definitely fill your tummy and make your spirit sky high throughout the day!


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